Welcome to our LAEFC 2019 auction initiative, Acts of Love. Please check out our auction corner in the church lobby for more information. Check out the gallery below to see some items that have been submitted for auctions and sales.

accordian.jpg chippershredder.jpg cutting-board.jpg diamond-necklace.jpg dining-table.jpg freud-shapers.jpg hanging-lamp.jpg lionel-train.jpg metal-shaper.jpg metalwork-lamp.jpg nikon-d200.jpg outboard-motor.jpg pink-vase.jpg secretary-desk.jpg swivel-stool.jpg wood-cabinet.jpg snowblower-sold.jpg iron-cross.jpg truck-cab.jpg portable-heater.jpg walnut-table-sold.jpg wood-hutch-sold.jpg

Items For Sale

Item Description Marketplace Link
Antique custom made ornate lamp, Thomas Edison bulb View on Marketplace
10 foot aluminum storage box View on Marketplace
14 KT. Gold Ruby and Diamond Ring View on Marketplace


Item Description Sold Amount
Enclosed Trailer $500
Dining room table and chairs $500
Mobility Scooter $450
Chipper/Shredder $225
1995 BMW (scrap) $200
Accordian $200
Necklace and pendant $200
Oak Hutch $150
Bass speaker cabinet $150
Down parka $140
Carport $110
Snowblower $100
Sheepskin Coat $100
Antique Walnut Entry Table $100
Nikon Camera $99
Outboard Boat Motor $90
Secretary desk $75
Royal Worcester Vase $65
Tap and Die Set $50
Hershey Region Antique Auto Club Memorabilia $50
Beanie Babies $50
Cutting board $40
Vintage dolls w/ Hand Crocheted outfits & dress $39
Batch of Beanie Babies $38