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Little devotions from the LAEFC blogging team to encourage you in your walk with God.

The Story of Who I Was: Week 5

Posted by Heather Donmoyer on OP12er @ 12:48 PM

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God Is Faithful

Philippians 4:13 – I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.

The drastic changes in our lives started on May 16, 1991 with our 18 year old son, Jason’s, industrial accident. Though we were Christians, we were to find out how much we were to depend on God’s strength. The moment of his accident God was already at work. Jason was diagnosed with anoxic brain injury and was totally dependent on someone else for his care. His communication was through his eyes and facial expressions. After 14 months of hospital and rehab care we brought him home with nurses to help us care for him 24/7. Through the twelve years of caring for Jason and even at his death there were many miracles and “God” moments even though he was not totally healed. God carried us through those difficult times.

Three years into his care at home I was diagnosed with breast cancer, but thankfully only needed radiation treatments after my surgery. But why was I healed and not Jason? Why did I have to deal with this while trying to care for my son? These questions and others floated through our minds during those 12 years and long after his death on May 23, 2003. But it was only through the strength that God gave us moment by moment, day by day, that we were able to accomplish what He called us to do.

On August 10, 2012 our 40 year old son-in-law, Scott, was taken “Home” quickly with a heart attack, leaving my daughter a widow and my granddaughter fatherless. Again we questioned “why”? But God has been faithful through our grief journey with our son-in-law as well as with our son.

Our hearts have been wounded but God heals and we are left with scars as reminders of His great love. As you can see our story cannot fully be told with all the miracles and “God” moments in just 10 to 12 sentences.



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