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Little devotions from the LAEFC blogging team to encourage you in your walk with God.

The Story of Who I Was: Week 4

Posted by Heather Donmoyer on OP3er @ 3:06 PM

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Recently my 9½ year old child asked me, “Mom, what were you known for in school when you were my age?” I had to think…she was asking me what defined me over 30 years ago. I replied, “I was athletic; a fast runner, I would race all the boys and girls in my class and I would win every time. Whatever feat they could do, I was sure I could do better.” It seems silly now, but for years, that’s exactly how I approached life; sure that if I tried hard enough, I would come out on top. I considered myself confident and capable to handle whatever life threw at me.

Fast forward my life to the birth of my second child when my life came to a screeching halt. God gave my husband and me a perfectly robust, beautiful baby boy who used his healthy lungs to scream almost nonstop from the moment he was born. Amazingly he never wore out or needed to be recharged. After that, life became increasingly difficult. Nothing had prepared me for parenting the strongest willed child I had ever met. Every day was a struggle and I tried everything I knew to ‘fix’ my child.

My strong willed child is now 7½ years old and some of the things I am learning are:

  • My strong willed child does not need to be fixed.  He is a blessing – a treasure that God created and is using to change me.

  • It is impossible to do things on my own strength.  I need Jesus.  In my weakness He is my strength.  I must continually seek God and depend on Him.

  • It is God’s love, patience, forgiveness, etc. that my children receive from me, not my own.  Mine ran out long ago.

  • My identity is in Christ and Christ alone.  My parenting skills do not define me.  My child’s behavior does not define me.  It’s Jesus who defines me:  I am a child of God and He loves me.  My identity is in Jesus.  Period.

  • God loves my son.  Nothing my son does, good or bad, in the past or in the future will increase or decrease God’s love for him.  I need to love my son like God loves him – unconditionally.

  • I will fail at times, but I’m a winner in this battle – not because of anything I have done, but because of what Christ did for me.

As I continue my story, I want to be like a surgeon’s glove. Apart from the Surgeon, the glove is disposable, but with the Surgeon’s hand inside, the glove becomes useful. I always need to be filled with Jesus.




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