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Little devotions from the LAEFC blogging team to encourage you in your walk with God.

Grace and Thanksgiving by Laura Zimmerman

Posted by Heather Donmoyer on OP12er @ 12:43 PM

This entry is reposted from Laura's personal blog, plantedshards with permission. May it bless your heart.

Grace and Thanksgiving

                                    by Laura Zimmerman


Lately I've been battling the voices in my head. Don't pretend like you don't have them... We all do, we just don't let people know it. My voices most assuredly are different than yours. Mine replays unkind words spoken, perceived slights, mistakes I've made...and they tell me I'm not enough. They tell me I'm not a good mom (because if I was I would have life all figured out and move through it without the slightest hiccup). They tell me I'm not a good friend (I'm not nearly involved enough or caring enough or present enough). They tell me that a messy house is the sign of a messy life. That if I could just clear the clutter, all would be well.


A friend reminded me last night of a very basic thing... "Laura, listen to the truth." My husband tells me this all the time, of course, as he is the one I talk to often about these things. He knows my limits, knows me wholly...he knows what else is going on, and how exhausting our life can be. He has taken care to truly know me, to study me, to go into the messy with me. This morning, God told me to read a specific portion of His truth, the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand.


"And He took the five loaves and the two fish, and looking up toward heaven, He blessed the food (gave thanks for it) and broke the loaves and He kept giving them to the disciples to set before them; and He divided up the two fish among them all. They all ate and were satisfied." (Mark 6:41-42, addition and emphasis mine)


I recently read a book called 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp. She wrote about the importance of giving thanks, and used this scripture as a powerful illustration. We worked through a study of Gideon in our women's Bible study at church, another story of God taking what seemed like not enough, and making it enough.


So this morning, all of these roads intersected for me. And I sat in front of my fireplace, and I thanked God for not requiring perfection of me. There is so much more grace to live in than I can ever know! He sees my shortcomings. I thanked Him this morning for my own little basket...Lord knows it's meager. But my heart overflowed because of one thing...I know the God Who takes little and makes much of it.



This is my prayer for myself, and my prayer for you...that we can live in the messy...that the reel of doom, those voices that defeat, would be silenced. And this...that we would not add to the reel of doom in another's spirit. Our words hurt or heal. There is no middle ground. I have crossed lines and hurt, and it is a terrible thing. May we offer the grace we wish to receive, and may we never cease to give thanks for what He is doing.

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