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Truth & Training (T&T) is the Awana club designed for children in 3rd through 5th grades.



T&T stands for “Truth and Training” and introduces elementary students to Bible Study and memorization.


T&T clubbers begin in the “Start Zone” entrance booklet and earn their uniform and T&T handbook upon completion.


At club, T&T students will be led through a Bible Study and introduced to the Verse of the week. Students study the verse during the week and recite it to a Fast Track leader when they return to club. Audio files are available in the Family Resources links below.


For every 4 sections passed(no matter the order in the book), clubbers earn a patch for their uniform. And they earn shares to spend at our Awana Store! T&T students also have the opportunity to participate in service projects throughout the year, both on and off-site. 


And pre-teens/teens who graduate from our 5th grade T&T club are eligible to continue coming back to club and serving as student leaders. They can also choose to continue working in Awana handbooks for Junior and Senior High students through our C-Track program. Over 40 colleges are currently offering scholarships to Awana kids who complete 4 or more books from T&T through high school, because they are seeing that these students are well-grounded in their faith.  


Family Resources:

      Click on the picture below that matches your child's handbook for downloadable audio resources.

       3rd & 4th Grade:


                                                                                          5th Grade:




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