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Check out the latest issue of  KIDZ HARVEST QUARTERLY by clicking on link below!


This tool is for you, as parents, to know what is being taught at church on a quarterly basis as well as keeping you informed with what's coming up in other areas of KIDZ HARVEST. Use it as a tool in your parenting tool-belt.


Register your child or children using the online form below:

      ***Special Note: Upon submission of online form(s) please allow up to one week for data to be entered in our system. After data has been entered and confirmed you will then be able to use our computer check-in kiosks.

More Helpful Parenting Resources on the Web:


Your child’s safety is a core value of Kidz Harvest! Security cameras and restricted access to classroom areas help us protect the children. All adult Kidz Harvest volunteers and staff have obtained national security clearances.

At LAEFC, we employ a state-of-the-art security system. Children are checked-in at any of our computer kiosks located in the Worship Center lobby and receive printed name tags. Parents receive security receipts with the matching number and the child will be released only to the adult who has the matching security tag. It has been our experience that parents understand and appreciate the measures we take to ensure their child’s safety.

As a guest, you will be welcomed by a member of the Kidz Harvest team at the computer kiosks in the Worship Center lobby. You and your child will receive a name tag for you to fill in the last four digits of your phone number. This will serve as both their security tag and the number used to page you if a need arises.