PLANT represents the process of discipleship Jesus gave us to follow in our Christian walk.

PLANT week 5 "Transplant" SERIES PLANT week 5 "Transplant"

Pastors Josh and Ken teach us about how God wants us to "transplant" our…

PLANT week 4 "Nurture" SERIES PLANT week 4 "Nurture"

Pastors Josh and Ken help us understand how to nurture others in their…

PLANT week 3 "Alongside" SERIES PLANT week 3 "Alongside"

Pastors Ken and Josh teach us about the 'A' in PLANT - Alongside - how…

PLANT week 2 "Present & Listening" SERIES PLANT week 2 "Present & Listening"

Pastors Josh and Ken teach us about practical Biblical living through a…

PLANT week 1 SERIES PLANT week 1

Pastor Ken and Pastor Josh kick off the PLANT series.








Study Guide for February 9, 2014















Study Guide for November 17



Study Guide for October 20






Study Guide for September 29, 2013