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"What Are you Looking For?" SERIES' "What Are you Looking For?"

Pastor Daryl shares a New Year's Eve message from Matthew 2 and asks the…

Remember When - "You are loved by your Maker" SERIES' Remember When - "You are loved by your Maker"

Pastor Ken shares a communion message emphasizing how much we are loved…

“The Parable of the Two Lost Sons” SERIES' “The Parable of the Two Lost Sons”

Pastor Josh shares a message from Luke 15 which is known as the parable…

The Choice SERIES' The Choice

Pastor David shares a message from Psalms 91 on how to go from living in…

The God Who Hears Me SERIES' The God Who Hears Me

Yensi shares a message from Genesis 21 and tells his personal testimony.

"Becoming an Expert Builder" SERIES' "Becoming an Expert Builder"

Pastor Daryl share a message from I Corinthians 3 about what we should…

"Overcoming Evil With Good" SERIES' "Overcoming Evil With Good"

Pastor David Martin shares a message from Romans 12 on how we can overcome…

Youth Sunday "Connection To God" SERIES' Youth Sunday "Connection To God"

The Youth led a passionate service about connecting to God.

"Keep Walking" SERIES' "Keep Walking"

Jerry Higley shares a message based on Hebrews 12:1&2 that encourages us…








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