About Marc


Born: 12/20/71


Married: Michelle (8/26/95)


Children: Rebekah, Abigail, Elijah, Micah, Elizabeth, Samuel, Sarah


Education: B.S. Geosciences from Penn State, MDiv from Gordon Conwell T.S.

Favorite Scripture: 2 Timothy 2:2, Isaiah 55:8-9

Hero: King David, Phillip Lahm

Favorite Authors: Chuck Colson, Phillip Yancey, Doug Fields, Duffy Robbins    

Favorite Foods: All fruits and vegetables, Seafood, Wings, Trail Mix, Chocolate Chip Cookies (my wife’s)

Favorite Mineral: Corundum, Malachite, and Marcasite

Favorite Movies: Lord of the Rings, All Star Wars movies, The Naked Gun

Favorite Musical Artists: Steven Curtis Chapman, Toby Mac, Switchfoot, Dave Crowder, U2, Stryper

Hobbies and Interests: playing soccer, football, watching soccer, football, baseball, coaching soccer, breathing soccer, gardening, running, fishing, hiking, rocks, creating random songs, improv comedy, Geo-political-dodgeball, full contact-nuclear-physics-relays, changing the course of races, rivers, and time itself. 

Favorite contraction: he’d

Favorite Fungi: stinkhorn

Favorite Mathematical function: Logarithm

Favorite Highest scoring scrabble word: Quartzy

Favorite Variation of the color blue: cobalt

Favorite Reality Show: Amazing Race

Favorite Quote: “Hi, I’m Marc Zeisloft, let’s play soccer”